Ant Esports ICE-120 AG RGB Gaming Cabinet


Ant Esports ICE-120AG Mid Tower Computer Case | Gaming Cabinet/ Mid Tower Computer Case



Ant Esports ICE-120 AG is a mid-tower gaming cabinet capable of housing motherboards from the smallest mITX form factor all the way up to the conventional ATX standards.

The integrated RGB panel in the front of the cabinet features a monolithic design inspired by bold edges and flat surfaces. It is engraved in the metallic black finish of the cabinet, giving it a retro classic look.

The cabinet has space for up to eight 120mm fans in total: three in the front, two on top, and two at the bottom, with one preinstalled at the back. Equipped with efficient cooling capabilities, this cabinet ensures optimal temperatures for the internal components. Furthermore, it can support a 240mm liquid cooler at the front and a 120mm cooler at the back.

As for storage, the options are plenty and the user can either go with two HDDs or two SSDs or can opt for four SSDs and one HDD.


Key Features of Ant Esports ICE-120 AG

  1. Premium finish with A-RGB panel: Solid build quality with a metallic finish and an integrated Auto RGB panel in the front makes it the perfect fit for a modern retro build aiming for a monolithic design.
  2. Ample of Cooling: Can house up to eight 120mm fans for the optimum cooling experience.
  3. Spacious Interiors: Can accommodate large air coolers of up to 160mm height and dual graphics cards up to 265mm in length each.
  4. Magnetic Dust Filters: Comes with dual magnetic dust filters, one at the bottom and one on top for a dust-free interior and easy maintenance.
  5. Easy Wire Management: Comes with a perforated PSU shroud for proper ventilation as well as easier and cleaner wire management..
  6. Multiple Storage Options: With a dedicated SSD mount and three caddies, the cabinet can either house two SSDs and two HDDs or one HDD and four SSDs.


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